Thursday, July 31, 2008

top twenty albums of all!

I'm up very early today, which usually implies some sort of mid-day catnap. Today is packed with adventure, however, so I have to pace myself. Writing, showering, grabbing yardwork gear from my folks, happy hour with a girlfriend, yardwork tonight with my boyfriend. And, I have to pack for a weekend in Lake Meade, PA with eight other girlfriends. I'm in charge of bringing coffee (Tim Horton's) and tunes (my computer and speakers). My gals know me well!

Anyway, yesterday I read this blog from Robert the Radish who put together his Top Twenty Albums of All Time (For Real) list. I love these lists and the challenges posed by them. Whenever a list comes out, I peruse for common interests, surprise guests and, of course, el numero uno. Fun stuff. This one intrigued me because it had a bunch of factors taken into consideration: American market only, no live or "best ofs," sales, grammys, critical rating (whatever that means) and the subjective opinion of the listmaker himself. He includes some sort of complex math thing (Staying Power Value=SPV x something or other) which I skipped. I'm a musicologist not a mathmatician...... I remember at least 3 Zeppelin albums, and Stevie Wonder's "Songs from the Key of Life" was #1. And, there was "value" placed on the album at the end. Stevie's was upwards of $18.00. Complex stuff.

So, off I go into Judy's wild musical yonder. Since Robert the Radish didn't explain his choices, neither will I. The mystery continues (and I need to actually write some Diss stuff today and not spend it all on something fun. Ha ha). Feel free to send me your own or challenge my madness. My choices are based on similar criteria, but I'm throwing my own Staying Power for Judy Value (SPJV) into the equation. Why the hell not???

#20: "Songs from the Big Chair"--Tears for Fears
#19: "Back in Black"--AC/DC
#18: "CODA"--Led Zeppelin
#17: "Under the Pink"--Tori Amos
#16: "Jeff Buckley"--Grace
#15: "Dulcinea"--Toad the Wet Sprocket
#14: "Document"--R.E.M.
#13: "Yield"--Pearl Jam
#12: "Ray of Light"--Madonna
#11: "The Joshua Tree"--U2
#10: "Quadrophenia"--The Who
#9: "Master of Puppets"--Metallica
#8: "Amazing Grace"--Aretha Franklin
#7: "Automatic for the People"--R.E.M.
#6: "Jar of Flies"--Alice in Chains
#5: "Fully Completely"--Tragically Hip
#4: "What's Goin' On"--Marvin Gaye
#3: "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan"--Bob Dylan
#2: "Physical Graffiti"--Led Zeppelin
#1: "Ten"--Pearl Jam

I've shown you mine, now show me yours! Have at it!!!!


Matthew Sumera said...

I'll take you up on this throwdown. Just need some time to do some thinking. Oh, and does this litle exercise only include popular music, or can we expand to take in other genres as well?

Judy B said...

Nice! I based it on what I listen to the most, and already bemoan that I left "Kind of Blue" and Prince's "1999" off the list. I'm sure more missteps will come to me as the day progresses. I'd bet you'd have some great ones. Do as ye will!

Matthew Sumera said...

OK, I'm done.