Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Nano's made for walkin'...away

Damn damn dammy damn. I don't like it when my instincts get proven

Well, I drove back from camping (in Fillmore, NY on 400 acres. Beautiful place) on Sunday with the Nano plugged into my dashboard, power on, boyfriend asleep in the seat next to me (it was a long, fun-filled weekend and he loves naps). I pulled into my driveway backwards so we could more easily unload the weekend's gear. Around 8pm that evening, I moved my car into the street because it was blocking his and he leaves for work oh-so-early on weekdays. On Monday, I taught piano students and did this-and-that around the house and only drove my car once to go to the bank.

I cannot recall if I unplugged the Nano while unpacking the car, but instinctively, I know I did (because why wouldn't I?). I cannot recall if I locked my car after putting it in the street Sunday night but instinctively, I know I did (because why wouldn't I?). I cannot recall if the Nano was in the car on the way to/from the bank but instinctively, I know it wasn't (it is in the house with the recently unpacked camping gear because why wouldn't it be?).

These are caveats of this story that are making me cuckoo for Coco-puffs right now.....

1. I generally believe--still after all that's around us--that people are good.
2. In the past, I have realized that I had not locked my car probably due of my innate belief in item #1
3. In the past, I have lost things without any rhyme or reason (remember the "SexyBack" post a few months back? JT is still MIA)
4. My iPod (the oldie...had it forever) and iShuffle WERE stolen from my house by someone hired to help improve it within the first two weeks of moving in last August. Grrrrrr.......
5. I have searched all over this house and car since last night. Nano not here. For real.
6. I live in a "safe neighborhood" proven by my high taxes, great neighbors, good schools, blah blah blah and the fact that if someone even farts in the street, someone from the town's D.O.T shows up with an air purifier...


If this thing decides to find its way home, I will embrace it without a flinch.

*another sigh*

There are fetish theories that apply to all sorts of things but I'm thinking most about the Adorno essay, "On the Fetish Character in Music..." and how wrapped up I am in this Nano business right now. I'm thinking that I need to get over this as I am not working on the Diss at 10am because I am--over and over--trying to collect my memories in order to find this Nano. I may have to give it up and embrace that the world is not a perfect place (nor am I). I have a ton of time to write today through Friday and I think I must simply throw this scenario to the wind and let the dust settle as it always does.

Sorry little Nano. I'll do better next time.

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