Thursday, July 24, 2008

safe and sound

I like that song "Safe and Sound" by Sheryl Crow even though I'm not really a huge fan. She seems consistently inconsistent and sometimes her lyrics are a little clumsy and cheesy. But, what do I know. I do, however, like "Safe and Sound." She really lets it go there at the end of it (it's on right now).

The Nano is back after having been tucked into a place where it truly didn't belong. After all my mental wrangling yesterday--and instinctively knowing that it was in the house SOMEWHERE--I took a break from writing to NOT look for the Nano and do a little housecleaning (as opposed to housesearching) and very quickly found that little sucker. Oh, the world.

But at least I am still sticking with my #1 item from yesterday's post and should add one that says "I am very flawed." Hee hee.

Big writing day yesterday, and since it's raining, I'm sticking to the chair for the day with the Nano nestled close by my side. Happy Thursday!

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