Thursday, July 3, 2008

"it's been a while...."

I can't say "it's been a while" without then singing it the way Aaron Lewis does in his Staind song. "It's been a whiiiiile..." Either way, it's been a wonderful and full and crazy week since my pool bash. My son is with his dad having fun out West, and I am getting ready to enjoy the long holiday weekend, which I'm extending until Tuesday. Then it's Diss Diss Diss for the month.

A tally of the pool party events:

88 degrees in the pool
22 kids
18 adults
1 very large bounce house,
1 puke in the pool
1 toilet overflow
3 cannonball contests
3 pregnant women (all having girls)
85 empty beverage bottles (alcoholic, yeee-haaa!!)
countless laughs and merriment

It was awesome.

It has been raining uncontrollably throughout the past week, including today. But, there is sun on the horizon for the weekend and I'm hitting the beach. Although Buffalo sits on Lake Erie and the Niagara River, the city's development team has failed to do SOMETHING with an area downtown loosely termed "the Waterfront." It's rather pathetic, and the subject of passionate deriding of the city's governmental/civic foresight. So, the best beaches are in towns heading West on the ol' I-90 or Rte. 5/20 to either Mickey Rats, Castaways, or Sunset Bay. BEAUTIFUL beaches (although swimming in Lake Erie usually makes me a bit skittish and I stay close to the bar most of the time). But, a weekend at the beach and staying at a friend's beach house sounds pretty damn great to me. Care to join???

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