Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bounce bounce

8:59am....time's tickin' and I'm getting ready to kick into action. Grocery store first, cooking second, Bounce House arrives at 11am, child off bus at 12:15, a few minutes of bouncing on the front lawn (I'll have photos tomorrow for sure), party at 1pm. YAHOO!!! Oh, and around noon I'll crack a beer (hey, it's my party....I'm not driving anywhere!!!!)

Most importantly, guests receive the "Judy and Brady's Rock IN the Summer Mix" CD my son and I made last night. If you'd like a copy, shoot me an email and mailing address. Here it is:

1. "The Pretender"--Foo Fighters
2. "World Wide Suicide"--Pearl Jam
3. "Froggie Went A-Courtin'"--Bob Dylan
4. "Apologize"--OneRepublic
5. "Song for the Boys"--Pat Metheny
6. "Black Satin"--Miles Davis
7. "Baby, I Love You"--Aretha Franklin
8. "Royal Orleans"--Led Zeppelin
9. "Interstate Love Song"--Stone Temple Pilots
10. "Move Along"--The All-American Rejects
11. "How Far We've Come"--Matchbox Twenty
12. "Dance to the Music"--Sly and the Family Stone
13. "Safe and Sound"--Sheryl Crow
14. 'Little Star"--Madonna
15. "Times Like These"--Foo Fighters

GAME ON!!!! Enjoy...

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