Monday, June 9, 2008

I want my sexy back

This is annoying, although that's not the most positive sentence to start a new week. I'm feeling very positive and it's warm and a Monday and all of that, but one thing about this weekend has traipsed its way into the workweek:

I'm doing errands on Saturday and trying to be as efficient on my route as possible while "hypermiling" my ass off and just trying to get these errands done so I can go home and go swimming. I'm suddenly struck by the urge to listen to Justin Timberlake's track "SexyBack." Whatever your feelings about the JT, there cannot be much debate about how hot and wonderful this particular song is. Not in my car, at least (*smile*). I start looking in the door storage areas of my car and find the CD case for this album (yes, I bought the CD. I'm that old.) Open it---no CD. "Hmmmmm," me thinks. So I go to my 100 CD book under the seat and attempt to flip and drive, but I'm starting to get nervous because I very rarely put official CDs in there...they are mostly playlists, burned somethingorothers, etc. No JT. I'm not far from home so I throw on the city's radio station most likely to play this track or something like it, 101.1. I sit through Kelly Clarkson and a Kenye track but what I'm REALLY doing is wracking my brain and getting increasingly agitated. I probably needed more coffee and some kind of food in my system (happy hour the night before lasted until midnight), and for some reason this was not an "oh well. It will all work out" moment for me. These things happen from time to time.

I FINALLY get home, leap from my car through the front door to my CD rack and find the first JT solo record because maybe the second one is in there. AND IT'S NOT.

At this point, I sat for a moment, aggravated because now, where the hell am I going to find this CD if it's not in my tried-and-true succession of potential places, huh? Grrrrrr. I'm still a bit miffed at myself.

One day when it DOES turn up, it will seem like a shock to come across its hiding place. But then, of course, I WILL remember putting it there, and feel like a goofball. And not a sexy one, either.


14 things to do today before I leave the house to do yardwork at my parents' house. The Diss is calling......what a life!!!!??!!??!!!

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