Friday, June 20, 2008

Nap Time

Ok, this is craziness. I had a full eight hours of sleep last night during a rain storm, which makes sleeping more fun for me (I'm only guessing since I'm sleeping through the storm itself, but it's the thought that counts, yes?). It's only 10:45 am, I've been awake for about three hours, I've had at least a half a pot of coffee, I've done a little yoga, I'm writing in blue (see "Seeing Red" post), and my head is about to plop down right onto my keypad. Right now I'm yawning. What gives?

I have some theories.

One is, of course, the weather in the Buff. Four days with little sun, high humidity and some serious sogginess from the cloud cover. The air is thick and quiet. My backyard feels and smells like a dewy forest. This could be making me sleepy, I suppose.

The second is my schedule this week. I wrote about one funeral in the "Taps" post from Wednesday, but I also had another funeral yesterday as well. Odd and strange. I didn't get home from either until 1:30-ish and can only work until 3pm or so on writing and such things. So my momentum has been thrown out of whack. I'm off kilter. And this could be making me sleepy, I suppose.

The third is a bit larger in scope, and combines just about every damn thing going on around here. In grad school, I'd march down my street everyday at 8:30, catch the bus, hit the gym, and head for the library to work almost everyday. I was busy. I had stuff to do. Lists. Schedules. Whatnot. Having my home office 10 feet from my big, cozy bed may be the killer here. I can't lug all of my Diss shit to Starbucks here in the burbs because they are tiny ones with tiny tables (how I miss those big-ass tables from the Madison store. GREAT for working). My computer battery has almost no juice in it and I'm too pisspoor to buy another one, so I need a power outlet within reach to write. Gas is expensive. My days are wide open since its summertime in academia. I feel like I have time but it evaporates like puddles in the sun. Blah blah blah. In a nutshell, it makes sense to stay home and "work," but--hold on, I'm yawning again--sometimes sense is not the key to all logic.

Fourth: it's Friday which makes it tempting to stay, with all due respect, "fuck it" and prepare things to do for Monday. After all, my garden needs tending after this much rain, doesn't it?

So.....I think my next course of action is this: nap as long and leisurely as my body needs it and learn from this meandering day. Make a list for Monday and then do it. Drive less over the weekend and venture out at least for a goddamn hour to write somewhere new and get myself over myself. Shoot for writing in black by 3pm Monday. Give myself a break today.

This doesn't come easy for me because I already feel like a slacker for being friggin' TIRED at 11am. But, these things happen. Buenas noches!

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