Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"I'm finished making sense"

Pithier words never spoken. Thanks Dave Grohl (my interest in the Foo Fighters remains intact). As much as I was on point as TaskMaster last week, this week? Oy vey. My brain is on vacation, me thinks. I can't find things ("SexyBack" still missing, among many many other things lately). My lists are incomplete and almost useless as far as having any impact on my days. Yesterday I spent over two hours writing a proposal for the Society for American Music conference (due in four days for a paper I have yet to complete) only to realize that it was a bunch of syllabic slop. So, I gave myself a time out, retreated to my comfy bed to watch the familiar loop of CNN Headline News (better known as "Crack News"). With 15 minutes to chill and get ready to leave the house, THEN my brain kicks in and simply comes up with a totally perfect way to rework my proposal. But I didn't have time to do it! Grrrrrrr. So I scrawled a few notes down on the back of a bank statement (or credit card bill or something...what is this) and just now, 24 hours later, can sit to write. And I don't feel like it.

I've noticed that my weeks have a flow to them. Does this happen to you? Wednesday is always the hardest day. Hump Day. If it's a good week, like last week, the impact of wacky Wednesday lessens. On a week like THIS one, however, Wednesday joyously works her mischievous magic. I very rarely bemoan my splintered existence and say, "So much to do, so little time!!!!" Instead, I usually buckle down and say, "Let's get to fuckin' work." Today, I want to say, "Let's call this one and go back to bed."

But, this SAM proposal doesn't have to be very long, and once it's done--today--I should have a more concise angle for the chapter I am writing tomorrow. Yes? Absolutely. That's the logic anyway. Should I find it again.

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