Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Half Days

I've lived in other parts of our crazy nation, and here near The Buff, children have school until today or tomorrow. In Denver, the school year ended around Memorial Day, if I recall, and in Madison, it is earlier in June, for sure. In my town, the last day of school for K-12 kids is tomorrow. These last three days (M-W) have been half days. The bus comes at 8:15am; it returns at 12:15pm instead of 3:15pm.

I have known this information for awhile. But, the arrival of my sweet son three hours earlier than "normal" has thrown my writing schedule into a tizzy (NOTE: I'm sensing a pattern....my writing suffers easily. It is the least adaptable thing in my life right now, me thinks.....). Of course, I am throwing a "School is Out for Summer!" pool party tomorrow for at least 20 friends and their kids (minus Alice Cooper, unless he's around.....). It begins at 1pm. Of course, I have to clean my house, which is not clean right now. Of course, I have to go shopping. Of course, I have to straighten up the yard and the pool. Of course, I have to move select items in my lil' abode to higher ground (toddlers are feisty and ambitious creatures). Of course I have to clean my office and "put away" my Diss materials for a day or so.

I hope my beloved notes and copies and articles come back out soon, but I'm facing a challenge here. For the past month, as much as it may not have sounded in some back-posts, I have gotten some good work done. Now, I'm looking at seven days with no daycare, and the desire to play and have adventures and kick-it with my curious and energetic 8-year old son is amping up big time. Then I have five weeks where he is with his father and I have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to write and distract myself from missing him. *Gulp*

I have thought from time to time that writing this Diss and succeeding (even just a little bit) with keeping myself afloat this year would do me in. It may. Scheduling an academic life in a hustle bustle world may be the trickiest damn part of all of this. Growing tomatoes? No problem. Organizing a party complete with swimming pool and Bounce House? That's nothin.' Sitting down to write every day? Ummm, help?

But, my son grows bigger every day. I don't want to miss any of it. Adios, Diss until 7/8. The next few posts will more than likely reflect what the "rest of the time" means for this suburban single-mom party girl musicologist. Stay tuned, and grab your swim suit if you're in the neighborhood.

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