Tuesday, July 8, 2008

tuesday's child is full of.....

sluggishness? ha ha. nope. Tuesday's child is full of grace, so the ol' poem goes. This is interesting because today is the first day of my attempt to spend a month in my full-time "job" working on my Diss. It's risky and certainly riddled with various aspects of poverty, but it has to be done. My son is with his father, and I need to make the big push NOW. One month. Grace, indeed.

And, the church that I work for is Grace Lutheran. I have a piano student at 3pm and a church meeting at 7pm. In the interim, I have a ton of churchy music stuff to do. Grace, indeed.

Beautiful, sunny, hot, muggy morning today. Definitely a two-potter for the coffee portion of my diet today. I am suh-leeepy!!!

Tally of my holiday weekend, which was awesome:

3 live bands: Jakob Dylan, The Jeremy Hoyle Band (local at the beach), and Ron Hawkins (lead singer of Lowest of the Low, who rock Canada style)
3 baseball games: The Buffalo Bisons, my boyfriend's softball, his friends' hardball
3 items in my salad yesterday grown in my garden: cilantro, Anaheim pepper, green beans
3 days of sleeping in (Sunday needed an alarm)
3 dips in the pool yesterday--it was a scorcher

and so on. A great weekend. "They" say that good things come in 3s. "They" also say that death comes in 3s....hmmmmmm. Grace, indeed.

Gotta go. I'm late for work. Wish me luck!

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