Friday, July 25, 2008

Hard Sun

So I've been purchasing concert tickets from Ticketmaster lately as some good shows are coming up...Foo Fighters on Monday, Dylan in August and Gordon Lightfoot in September (yes.....the GL. Everyone has their vice...). I didn't know that with every ticket purchased, the purchaser gets a free iTune. But now I've got a bunch.

I've been writing like a mad fiend. And I've accomplished a lot this week, and I've fallen in love with writing again. Which makes me happy.

So, my boyfriend came home a day early (late last night) from being out of town since Monday, and he took the day off of work today. Which makes me happy.

So, it's been raining all week (which is good for Judy's writing) and blazing sun today. No rain in the forecast. Which makes me happy.

So, I just purchased (free of charge, of course) "Hard Sun" by Eddie Vedder (who I fell in love with a LONG time ago). I love this song for many reasons. Eddie, the background vocals, the bass line, the repetitive nature of the last two minutes, the build up of instrumentation that eventually takes over the vocals like a wire-y, fire-y pumpkin plant. Yummy. I also love when music syncs with my world, like placing the last puzzle piece into the picture. It all fits and the result makes the picture better.

So, I am going to be outside in the yard and pool all day. My body feels a little squishy from being in the chair all week, and I think writing 32 pages in 3 days allows me a little funtime. Hopefully you agree.

I have five free tunes left and hope to be inspired by various things today through which I will "purchase" appropriate music. These week has made me very happy.

Have a good one!

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