Friday, August 1, 2008

Jaws 8

So 8 women, almost all married, almost all with kids and/or various combinations of all or neither, are heading to Lake Meade in PA today til Monday. The other night when I turned on the tube to be lulled to sleep, I caught the end of Jaws and the beginning of Jaws 2 (must have been some kind of marathon because as I forward the time on the Channel Guide, Jaws 3 was next on deck). I was bemused by the little town of Amity knowing I'd be in the little town of Lake Meade for the weekend. Funny how things come around like that.

Even though Buffalo sits on a lake (Erie), the "lake towns" are a bit farther west on the I-90 but don't quite have the shabby-chic character of Amity (or the rogue sharks). Most are sandy and beachy with just little delis and no crazy police chief waving guns at beachcombers (although the police are puh-retty strict and rack up thousands of dollars in DUIs each summer. Careful out there.) I often think that when I retire--which implies that at some point I'll have a job to retire FROM--I'll sell my lovely little house in the 'burbs and purchase a year-round beach house with a kick-ass view of the lake from my kick-ass porch. These daydreams make me happy.

Imagine what kind of music playing systems/audio technologies will exist by the time I retire...since each of my girlfriends was "assigned" various tasks and things to bring to Lake Meade by our friend the hostess, I gleefully saw next to "Judy" the words "coffee, tunes." I deliberated how to respond to such an abso-frickin-lutely appropriate task being the highly caffeinated musicologist that I am. Nano? All of my mix CDs from my car? Hmmmmm....

Well, after I publish this post, I'm shuttin' down the PowerBook, unplugging the Creatures, and loading the whole sha-bang into my backpack. What else is there to do? Who knows what music such a gaggle of girls will suggest, and I simply must be able to provide. My iTunes tells me I have 16 full days of music in it. Certainly, I won't fail the gals (except my one friend, who is lovely and crazy like the rest of us, knows every word to every rap/hip hop song from 1984 through the 90s. For real. I'm a little nervous about various holes in my catalog on that one.....). Either way, today's technology will serve us well, me thinks. Nano for the car, laptop for the lakehouse. Wish me luck and watch for sharks.

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