Thursday, August 21, 2008

"summer cold....makes me feel baaaaaaad...."

That title is best when sung to the tune of "Summer Breeze" by Seals & Crofts. Ugh.

I don't think I have ever had a summer cold this bad, nor do I even remember having a friggin' summer cold. Dammy damn. I think it comes from the weird energy loop that occurs after you take a great vacation (in my case, five weeks as Dissertator) only to then come home (resume the Momertator) and get really really sick. The Momertator's energy level, organizational prowess, and overall control of life has been in a tailspin since my son came home on Aug. 6. I don't do well with extremes, and while it's been GREAT to have him home and to feel that Mom-part of the Momertator again, holy canoli my brain has been a jumble of Dissertation guilt, pool parties, charades (dinosaurs, ninjas and lions mostly), cooking regular meals, no naps, school supplies, scheduling conflicts and a whole host of other whatnots. I have not opened my Diss files since, well, I'd have to look, but it feels like forever, although I did rearrange and clean my office while rearranging and cleaning my son's room. Oy vey, I say.

My head feels like it's in a vice and that I'm completely immersed in a high-pressure watertank. Nothing is getting rid of this snot-clogged mass, and today I'm going to the nearest Six Flags amusement park with friends and kids. Perhaps if I get on the Round-Up and spin my way into oblivion, something will fling loose in the ol' noggin. Better green goop than brain cells, but any relief is welcomed.

In more fun news, my son grew almost an inch while in Denver. Something in the water? The Rocky Mountain air? I have also gotten much better at playing basketball (a sport which I have always sucked) although the net is lowered for my son's height. Hee hee. Our garden is blooming, my teaching gig $tart$ Tuesday, my piano students are lined up for the fall schedule, my son has reconnected with friends and family (and me!), and the chilly nights in The Buff demonstrate a slow crawl towards autumn colors and pumpkins. Life is good. I'm hoping my sense of smell returns soon. I love this time of year as the sunlight and smells change.

We saw Bob Dylan on Tuesday--3 generation of Bradys witnessed Bobby D. My mother is only slightly older than Bob, and she enjoyed seeing a "legend" in person. My son dug the whole thing in his own interesting way. The concert was good, although even as Bob's voice has often been criticized for its breach of singing/speaking/growling through hours of lyrics, I must admit that "singing" is not part of the live Dylan experience anymore. His band was AMAZING, as is his usual M.O for live shows, and he reworked several classics ("Tangled Up in Blue" especially) to suit his more retro-swing/rockabilly approach of late. What a summer I've had.

I start teaching college kids on Tuesday. I have not begun any sort of syllabus, but I have taught both classes in the past, so my panic button is still in the drawer. I have no idea when this will get done, but it will. Momertator is in full swing.

As for the Diss.......I have to talk with my adviser SOON and did not progress as much as we had anticipated. When my son goes back to school, I have open days to write. That's the theory, anyway. Keep ya posted.

Off to pack snacks, bathing suits, and other day-long goodies to necessitate Six Flags with a head cold. Viva la vida......

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