Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One more week of summer----ish.....

Nothing like feeling summer is over than I did as I drove to SUNY Fredonia yesterday to once again don my "professor" hat. I'm adjunct, so the pay sucks, but there are weird perks to my part-time status (but not ones I'd have any problem immediately chucking to the curb for a full-time, mind you...).

I teach at night twice a week so I still have the whole day to do my Judy-thing in the burbs.
I really have no departmental responsibilities, and as long as my students aren't staging a mutiny or rioting in the halls, I come and go (especially now that my classes start after 5pm).
I have keys to all office needs, audio components and building rooms. I am autonomous.
I have small classes and cool students.
I am highly organized.
I love the town of Fredonia and have found a few hiding spots for cheap food and beers (the latter after class, of course....)
I love the content of my classes, both of which I taught last year (history of pop music in US; music and romanticism--a class that I have created from scratch---yahoo!!).
I can upload all necessary assignments/whatnot from home.
I am still able to feel slightly academic and scholarly but also reflects my "gray area" status as the Momertator.


But, as the days creep closer to my son going back to school and my tax dollars providing me with 7hours of uninterrupted writing time, I see another year ahead in which my theme song will surely be "The Hustle," complete with dance moves, disco balls, and several smoke machines. Adjunct is one job, piano students is another, churchy duties another, and I think I still need some other "thing" to $ettle my delicate micro-economic i$$ue$.

I've been thinking all summer about what this mystery job could be. I don't want to be "trained" to do anything. I mean, for chrissakes. I also don't want any traces of this job to come home with me. No prep is the goal. Something silly in which I already have the tools to go and come and have some fresh Benjamins (both Franklin and Walter, btw) in pocket. Hm.

I think today will be the day that this illusive idea pokes my buzzing brain. Today, Anders, my truly wonderful friend from Wisconsin, and his girlfriend are visiting as they drive from Mass to Madison. This will be the grad-school jolt I need, me thinks. Our plan is to go get chicken wings (no eye-rolling. Those visiting The Buff MUST partake in this ritual), grab some beers to bring home (Buff Ritual #2), and slurp our way into the night poolside at the Brady abode (recently added Ritual #3). Pool heater is on and the list of prep duties will commence after this post. With Anders, my son, my boyfriend and my plan for the next 24 hours all occurring under my own roof, I think I can still be part of summer, part of academia, and part of a creative job-i-ness. Yes? "Do the Hustle....."

Any suggestions on a good McJob are welcomed. Happy Wednesday!

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