Thursday, October 23, 2008

"...teach them well and let them lead the way..."

I don't often quote Whitney Houston lyrics (although I have said--with a few beers in me--"Crack is wack" cuz that's one of the funniest damn things she has ever said). But while tending to the poinsettias this morning, I had a few hours to think about something my son said last night that blew me away.

Disclaimer #1: I am not a perfect parent. I have been blessed, however, with a very cool, smart, thoughtful child despite the many times that my "Mom of the Year" nomination has been yanked from my grasp by my own missteps. Ah-hem. I often feel like dropping to the ground, completely humbled, because his own little being takes me by surprise in some really astounding ways.

Disclaimer #2: It's hard to say whether my son's life is "typical" for his age. Many things tell me, "Um, no." But then other things tell me, "This is how it is and it is good." Often these two sentiments tug simultaneously at my heart. I work weird hours at weird jobs, he is surrounded by music, has lived in three states (he's almost 9 years old), etc. etc. He is also surrounded by so many people that care for him and his crazy mama that I am a firm believer in "It takes a village..."

Disclaimer #3: During this election season, I have worried about my son's quality of life as he becomes a teenager, young man, parent, etc. I don't know why it's nagging at me so much. Maybe because when he says things like what I'll describe below, I hope that the world will take care of him as diligently as I have tried to do.


he's really digging this series of books called "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. At first, the title made me see what the hell these were all about, but they are really well done (cuz the "wimpy" kid is the epitome of a nice, smart, creative, cool kid). They are a series of books with cartoons and the day-to-day thoughts of this kid who is probably around my son's age. And they're funny and thoughtful and quirky and all that. We went to my son's school's book fair last night because the author created a new book where the child reading the book actually gets to fill in the book, so my son becomes this kid and can make up stories. My son is all over this, and had his pencil out in the car ride home, filling in stories and stuff.

I also had to attend a wake last night, so I was gone for a few hours. When I got home, my son had been filling in some stuff in his new book. He finally goes to bed and begins reading, and I'm pooped and kind of still upset about the wake, and just want to go to bed myself. He says, "Hey Mom. Wanna hear some of the stuff I wrote in my book?" In my head, I said, "No. I'm tired." Out loud, I said, "Absolutely," and plopped down next to him to hear his various musings. He's going through some cartoons he filled in and gets to a "you fill in the blank" page. Funny stuff that boys like such as, "If I wake up tomorrow as an animal, I'll be a ________."

Then he says, "Oh, Mom, I think you'll like this one." He proceeds to read the following: "I officially predict that 10 years from now, cars will run on 'blank' not gasoline."

Me: Did you fill in the blank yet? (because he actually said "blank")

My son: Yep! Wanna hear it?

Me: Of course I do. Whadya come up with?

My son (clearing his throat): "I officially predict that 10 years from now, cars will run on music not gasoline." Big grin.

Me (stunned, looking at his big smile, eyes welling up, throat closing): Wow. That's a really cool idea, honey. (pause, clearing throat). Wow. Wouldn't that be cool if it ever comes true?

My son (without pause): Well, that WOULD be cool because gas is expensive, and music is free. And gas makes everyone stressed out and music makes everyone happy.

Me (still stunned, blinking back tears, about ready to lose my shit): Well, I think you are absolutely right.......

So, he's going to walk through our front door any minute now, and we'll hang for a bit before we hop in the car, I take him to grandma's, and I drive the 34 miles to work tonight.

Wouldn't it be nice if driving a car filled with music would get me there.....


cara said...

I LOVE MY GODSON! He is so smart! Just like his Momma!

Judy B said...

He's a keeper, alright. I still get weepy just thinking about it. I think he makes us all better, don't you Auntie Cara????

SAFC_WI said...

Great story Judy!
My son likes the Wimpy Kid books too; have you checked out School Rules? The best story is the Frindle.

Till next time.

Judy B said...

Cool. Haven't seen any School Rules around the house yet, so maybe a good idea for stocking stuffers?