Thursday, October 2, 2008

getting ready for "Mad City"

When I get home this late from teaching (10pm-ish), it's hard to just plop down and fall asleep. I love teaching this Thursday night class.....the topic is engaging (ideology of Romanticism and music), the students are engaging, and I have to stay alert for the 45-minute commute to home. Tonight, however, I have to sleep because in a wee 6 hours, I will be driving to Madison with my little son to visit our former home and resume my "grad student" status. I have all Diss committee members ready for meetings throughout the next 5 days, I have sent a chapter to them all, and I have packed what needed to be nestled into my car prior to work tonite.

But, there is a VP debate on that I had to DV-R because of my work schedule, so here I sit, in The Chair, writing cuz I feel like it and because I won't turn on the TV to grab a sneak-peak at the spectacle currently on-air. I want the whole slew of events from beginning to end. No spoilers in these parts.

I haven't been to Wisconsin in a year. My son has a great friend (and subsequently a great family whom I am SO eager to see!) who lived on our former street. I loved my house there, with its own quirky post-WWII elements, its lovely street, its part of my memory of the single-mom-grad-student thing. It will be weird to drive by "it." Yes? But, these things happen.

Madison is a great city. "Mad City" in many papers and such. The Liberal Bastion of the Midwest. Etc. That's why I have to don comfy clothes and watch this damn debate because I certainly can't go to Madison unprepared. Holy canoli, batman.

Time to go. Wish me luck.

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