Wednesday, April 22, 2009

peace love happiness.....yes?

A few things I thinking of this morning before I start workin' on the Diss (and i have two hours before a piano student comes....that's my time chunk for now)......

Last night, The Dead played at the HSBC arena. I was torn about buying tickets when they went on sale because I teach a Tuesday night class that only meets once a week. But, jeeze.....The Dead. In the spring. The day before Earth Day. In the sign of the Taurus (which it now is and which I will forever remain.....). How many more nudges did I need? But, alas, I didn't cancel class and use an accrued sick-day (although my students whole-heartedly suggested I do so......nice.....) and instead discussed the 1980s with them. Oddly enough, I was able to work The Grateful Dead into the class in two effortless ways:

1. The rekindling of the GD spirit took the late 80s and a whole new generation of neo-hippies (myself included) by storm in 1987 with the release of In the Dark and the video for "Touch of Gray" in high-rotation on MTV (when they used to play music videos....). So we watched the video via youtube. Good stuff still.
2. I have a concert DVD from the July 4, 1989 Dead show at Rich/Ralph Wilson stadium, and was at that show (see post from 7/17/08, "The Hart of the Matter"). It was the first of my many travels with the Dead. Watching that DVD last night transported me back 20 years into that late-adolescent-just-finished-high-school-and-it's-summer-so-let-the-games-begin kind of vibe. And that feels really good.

So, my students and I got to "see" the Grateful Dead a bit even though I missed the show last night. The review was favorable (but not all that informative....see Buff News online). Hopefully they will tour again....

Oddly enough, I don't listen to the Grateful Dead much anymore. I have a great selection of bootlegs that have accumulated over the years and a ton of their commercial releases, but they seem to have taken on a very very personal role in my musical life. Their music has the perfect spirit for when I'm outside gardening or soon-to-be sitting by the pool and working around the house. And my son! He must get some ear-time with these tunes! But, I play them often in my car on the way to work. In my own space. I don't usually sing along, either. I just listen. And smile. So, maybe I'll start to play that more when I'm outside working rather than listening to the radio (which is getting old...not a great market here in The Buff).

It feels like mid-April has opened up a whole bunch of new things in these parts, and that's the great "gift" of surviving Buffalo winters, me thinks. The renewal of energy, remembering past feelings of inspiration, allowing new ideas to float and stick. Being a Taurus in the time of Taurus is good for me this time of year, too. The fact that my strongest astrological sign occurs when I need it most is never lost on me.....

So, four days of 70+ degree weather headed our way. Peace love and happiness rises again. I'm writing well on the Diss. I'm sleeping well at night and not taking naps. Away go the sweaters this weekend, out come the sandels and sundresses, and out come The Dead into my more public musical domain. Good thing I have great and tolerant neighbors.

Well, the Diss awaits, but it is a calm and serene feeling I have today as I recognize all the swirly goodness around me that penetrates and scatters all the negative news going on (like, really.....tragedy after tragedy, violence and more violence.....yuck. Off goes the news. Click.). I'll soon post a Grateful Dead playlist that will be my soundtrack for the weekend. Or, better yet, help me out suggest some of your own! It takes a village after all....and hopefully we're all wearing tye-dye!

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