Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Faith and Clocks restored, me thinks....

Regarding yesterday's post, I fell asleep easily after watching Obama's speech from Chicago. I slept like a log. I woke up feeling fresh and clear. Perhaps my internal clock is adjusting. Finally.

I'm packing for D.C. right now and much less nervous about the trip and the research. Friends and family have wished me luck and have reassured my nervousness with lots of, "You'll be fine!"s and "What a cool thing to do!"s (meaning going into the National Archives. And yes, it is cool. For real). So, I'm returning to my usual energized self.

I got all of my midterms graded, classes taught, and clothing washed. Everything in order.

Now, I am a disorderly organized person. I used to be a huge slob (former roommates can surely attest). As I have learned to keep things in certain places and whatnot, I have also noticed that I tend to "lose" things as I multi-task. I put things in their place and forget where that place is. *Sigh.* Back on 7/23, I bemoaned my missing Nano, only to slowly remember where I placed it. I also described what I felt was my shaky faith that someone had lifted my iPod and iShuffle from my house during some remodeling. That notion had always made me uncomfortable.


I am riddled with faults, and I should have kept that faith in the world all this time (I really did give up hope on the iPod and iShuffle....) and the past few days have confirmed my notion that the world is, indeed, filled with more good than bad.

Yesterday while DESPERATELY searching through Diss notes, crouched on the floor of my office opening folders and skimming my own terrible handwriting, my pen rolled under my office desk. I reached under there only to grab MY IPOD AND ISHUFFLE!!!!! How the hell they were there? I simply do not know. NOTHING in my memory tracks my movements in any way toward putting them there. I can only assume that they had been lying on the floor and simply pushed out of the way and under my desk by other "organized" crap needing the room.

So, I never found the reference I need for my D.C. trip, but I have faith that either I'll remember it on my own as I wind my way through lovely southern NY and PA into D.C. 0r, I'll be able to obtain the book itself (where the info is) at the ol' Library of Congress itself. And, although my iPod and iShuffle were hidden from view, I should have known that they were still around.

I'm wondering about the climate in D.C. over the next few days due to the election. I expect tourism to be down (yes!) because most had to be home to vote yesterday. I also expect a certain faction of political people in D.C. to be hittin' the sauce pretty heavily at happy hour (ha ha). I expect I'll be able to judge from the looks on their faces who voted for whom.

But as Obama said last night, we all need to keep hope and faith part of our everyday outlook, and that the outlook must also extend to the future. I hope the McCain supporters can stop for a moment and become supporters of all of us. I have faith that they will.

I also have faith that when I get back from D.C., I'll be able to find the Nano......cuz it's hiding now, too. (Sheesh!!) Maybe it figures it's time for a change as well.......

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