Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mums the word...

I have found the perfect part-time job for myself now that the Diss schedule is heating up. Another job while writing the Diss, you say? Absolutely, I reply. Here's why:

--with too much time on my hands (Mon--Fri, 8:30--3:30) while the little guy is at school, I become sort of inefficient at times. 'Tis true. During the five weeks in July/August where I had ALL time on my hands, I was able to both rationalize and schedule writing and "real" time to do this and that. But it's amazing how quickly I can burn hours not writing (but my house and side projects get the better end of that deal....).

--an ad in the town paper asked for part-timers interested in working on a farm/greenhouse in the area. I marched down there within minutes of my son's first steps on the school bus a few weeks ago. Last week, the owner called. I started on Monday.

--my shifts are M/Th/F from 9-2, allowing for a buffer zone between a late morning school bus and time to get home, regroup, and then, again, wait for the school bus. And, this extra cash will cover my car payment (funny how that math worked out so well).

--I needed something to do (that paid me to do it) in a framework of having to prep nothing, lead no one, be told what to do for each task, do it, go home. That's the jobby-job I needed, and that's what this is.

--Working in a greenhouse this large (it's a biggie) is interesting. I watered poinsettia plants for two hours on Monday. There had to be at least 5000 of these plants. For real. It was almost Zen-like. The greenhouse was cozy and humid (the air outside was damp and brisk), the continuous sound of water was relaxing, and only once did someone come to check how I was (I still like autonomy). Then I had a snack.

--I learned how to use the cash register, greeted, aided and cashed out customers. Easy-peasy. And fun. The place is filled with pumpkins, hay bales, mums, fall pansies (orange ones!), various perennials, and lots of life.

--For the last two hours, I selected various colors of mum plants to arrange 3 at a time in "mum bowls" to be out on the floor of the public section of the greenhouse. My choice. Any 3 color combos would do. I wheeled them out on a big rack, watered them, arranged them nicely, priced them, looked at the clock, and went home.


I see a healthy rhythm of the week developing that allows for little slacking and a lot of friggin' production on my part. Yesterday, Tuesday, I prepped the material for church on Sunday, went to the gym, prepped my material for class last night, and did every errand/loose end/phone call/laundry bag/dishes/vacuuming....all of it.

Today, Wednesday, is my day to write and work on the Diss. Chapter 1 is sooooo close to being done, and today is has to get done. Cuz there is no other time to do it.

I have a feeling that now that football season is in full-swing and my boyfriend spends the afternoon/early evening hours at a friend's house on gamedays, my Diss work may bleed into Sunday afternoons. And potentially late evenings after everyone is asleep. And maybe for a few minutes when I can grab them. This is good. It will keep me on my toes and the tight schedule will breed efficiency. Yessirree.

So, that's that. Time to write. The grass can be cut later in the afternoon, the messy garage can stay that way until Saturday, and at 3pm, I will jump off The Chair with much accomplished. Let the games begin!


cara said...

AWESOME JOB! And I am sure you get a discount on plants for your house. You always had a green thumb! And I bet the humidity is doing wonders for your sinus! Miss you guys much! I will have to plan a trip up soon. OR you will have to come down and hit the "lagoon"!!!

Judy B said...

cara anne...i feel like such a slacker regarding seeing you/contact. oy vey. but yes, AWESOME job. i already got one cool plant home (compliments of my first day?) called an "artist's wand" for the pool room.....ahhhhh.

splash lagoon ASAP. for sure.

let's plan something soon....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Judy - so Karim pointed me in your direction. Lovely, lovely, lovely reading your words. Life sounds good and while we are lovin' much about Southern California, those autumny plants sound grand. Erica.