Thursday, January 1, 2009

Great Moments of 2008

Although it has been WONDERFUL to have some time in southern Florida to hang in the sun, read fluff books, and sleep a lot, I am buoyed by the thought of returning to The Buff, seeing my son, and getting back to normal. And, with these thoughts come some reflection--sitting by the ocean and listening to real waves hit the beach (instead of my CD of "beach sounds" that wakes me every morning) greatly encourages such things. *Sigh*

So, a list of some of my greatest moments of 2008, in no particular order. They come as they come. Feel free to send me yours!

--presenting a paper at Columbia University/being in NYC
--swimming in my pool with my son
--enjoying the news of births of two girls to two girlfriends (and their spouses)
--seeing the piano movers arrive in my driveway with the recently purchased Baby Grand (BG)
--leading my church congregation in singing traditional Christmas hymns
--learning a Shostokovich prelude on the ol' BG
--flashing my "Researcher" card at the National Archives
--realizing moments of clarity and confidence in my Diss writing
--pajama/movie days with my son
--hosting a baby shower/making goulash/carving pumpkin bowls
--seeing my friend Cara in Erie
--rocking out to the Foo Fighters in Rochester
--tasting salt water on my lips after swimming in the ocean in FL
--getting a homemade Valentine's card from my little guy
--visiting old friends in Madison
--successfully teaching a wonderful bunch of piano students
--singing "Love Can Build a Bridge" at church for my parents' anniversary (my mom's favorite song)
--finding my Nano/iPod/Shuffle, and keeping track of them!
--watching Obama's acceptance speech
--starting a garden (and successfully reaping edible food!)
--"Girls Weekend" in Lake Meade
--rediscovering my love for the music of Shostokovich and Brahms
--having an early Christmas with my family at my house/making chili for first time (and having it taste pretty damn good)
--watching my son play the piano
--happy hours with Raquel
--joining FaceBook
--having long, breezy chats with my mom from time to time

I'm sure there are more and many more to come.....Happy New Year!!!
--feeling the now-familiar satisfaction of being in The Buff

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cara said...

having you visit in Erie was a great time. thoughts on Splash Lagoon maybe Jan 23 - 24? I will be staying at my parent's (they are in Florida) and their is plenty of room for everyone!

Give a holler when you are back in the Buff!